Friday, 21 July 2017

The realistic approach to your Digital Marketing Campaign.

The buzz that Digital Marketing has created is relentless. It keeps on growing day by day. But somewhere in the jargons and the hype we have lost the essence of Digital Marketing. It has turned into a business more centered on buildup than reality. More likes than revenue, more fake followers than actual ones, more views than clicks and more traffic than actual customers.

I think it’s an ideal opportunity to take a back seat and focus on our objectives rather than the hype created. There are several simplistic ways and tweaks that can give you higher ROI.

Most of the people reading this would concur with me who have been guaranteed the sky, but realistically couldn’t accomplish even the basic revenue targets.

If you are frustrated with your digital marketing campaigns then you need to ask these few questions-
  • Are we targeting the right audience and channels?
  • Are our ads more hyped than the actual product or services?
  • Do we have a right tracking mechanism implemented to track our goals?
  •  Are all the campaigns, giving us the expected results?
  •  Do we actually provide the services the way it’s hyped on the website?

Keep your digital marketing approach SMART…Specific…Measurable…Attainable…Relevant…Timely & most important one be Genuine.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Play Pac Man with Google Maps.

Take a bow 

Its amazing how Google finds out to make things interesting for its users. It was a nostalgic moment for me when I was searching for an address on Google Maps and stumbled upon this game. I used to play it a lot on my desktop with configuration of 486, 1 GB HDD loaded with DOS ...Seems to be ages now. It was pretty unidirectional then.

Now Google has made it interesting and a bit tough to play.

Select your location and start playing Pac Man on your streets...Loving it...

Play and give your reviews on the same.


Where to find it? 

Start The Game

Thursday, 24 February 2011

If you feel you dont need a website...THINK AGAIN...

Website is the modern sales tool that you really need to get right. Business searches are now online, no one tries to find a business in their old phone directories or use business books.
Search Engines are the new search tool, linkedin has become a place to find genuine business people, websites have become the new face of companies.

Once people start browsing through the website, the first thing they will do is a value judgment – are these people serious about what they do? I know it sounds terrible, but people judge books by their covers.

Secondly, they might look for a piece of information. What could they possibly be looking for? They are looking for evidence; evidence that you can solve their problem. All aspects of on-line marketing are becoming critical to industrial selling. And it’s no longer just a case of getting your brochures converted to the internet (though that is a good start).

Companies have started investing in new age marketing tools to get business leads;
search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, social networking, BLOG’s and traditional push strategies.

So what are you waiting for...go online!!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

SEO not the only solution for your search engine marketing…

Lot of people are so engrossed about driving traffic to their site and getting ranked in search engines that they forget how important it is to convert the traffic that does come to their website. It will not matter if you get hundreds of visitors per day, if you do not have a site that can convert those visitors into some sales. If you fail to grab your reader’s attention for the first 15 seconds, you have lost your opportunity to acquire a lead or make money. That is why putting some time and effort optimizing your landing webpage will create a huge difference in your business.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is created to give the first impression to your visitors and tell them about what they need and how you can solve their problem. If you manage to deliver that information and grab your visitor’s attention, you will be successful.

Best Practices to create a successful landing page:

  • Have a compelling headline
  • Always include an opt-in form to capture your buyer's information and build your subscriber list!
  • Include a bonus package of your own to reward them for buying through you!
  • Make sure that your content is specific and object oriented. Too much of content can turn off a potential customer.
  • Testimonials & list of Clientele can create a sense of assurance with the visitors.

Creating a landing page is an art and everybody is not an artist…

Cheap SEO Services can be expensive. Do not put your brand at risk!

Negative feedbacks about few Cheap SEO services prompted me to write this article to make people aware of the current market situation. Today the internet market is flooded with Cheap SEO services. If you have cheap products or cheap services then obviously you can go for one of these low cost services. But if you are really trying to make your mark on the internet platform then you need to shell our few more bucks instead of using cheap services. Well not all the companies branding themselves with cheap seo services are fraudulent, some of them might be just targeting the keyword to get potential traffic to their website.

But I have seen recent trends where people have been going for cheap seo services without trying to find the facts about these companies and their credentials. The only thing hovers over their mind is the low cost but they fail to foresee the problems that they will be facing ahead. I have retained clients who have actually gone for the lucrative cheap advertisements with good sales pitch and now have found themselves nowhere to go.


1) The companies which offer really cheap services will not be able to sustain for too long.

2) To sustain they should have multiple projects distributed among its employees, who in return are not able to justify their services for individual clients.

3) Low cost means cheap labor and talent doesnt come cheap.

Remember: Nothing comes cheap and everything has a price…

Friday, 6 November 2009

Iframe Virus Attack: Menance for Businesses

Recently there have been lots of cases of malicious script injection in the websites html code. This has been a menace for lot of businesses as this type of attack can result in loss of business since the browsers like Chrome & Firefox block the websites and show warnings which drive the visitors away. The virus has been improving its techniques as the days go by.

To avoid being flagged by Google for malicious script please keep checking your website for iframes. There have been recent developments where the virus has started adding just java scripts without using the iframes in order to avoid detection. In some cases the whole structure of a web page has been damaged by these scripts.

How to check whether your website has been injected by the script?

1) Visit the website.
2) Click on the View Tab on the Main menu and select Source.
3) The whole source code for your webpage is displayed.
4) Search for “iframe”. The iframe code is usually at the start of the body tag or before the end of the body tag .
5) The script will be somewhat like this
div style="display:none" iframe src="" width=732 height=186

Change the FTP password for your website frequently.
If attacks are frequent on the index page, rename your default page.
Change the permissions for the files on the server.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Tips for Businesses who are looking to hire SEOs

1) SEO is a long term process; you cannot get results instantly. It’s not an instant coffee maker. Beware of those SEOs who guarantee results in short period of time.

2) Choose professional SEOs and not part time designers & developers who know little bit of SEO. Remember your online business is at stake.

3) Be clear with your Goals, Remember you are the one who understands your Business in and out. Make SEOs understand of what you exactly want.

4) Work with them, combination of your business knowledge and their technical skills will deliver good results.

5) Discuss about the probable keywords & your targeted audience which will give them clear picture about what they need to do.

6) Be Patient, there will be improvements but with steady pace.

7) Keep track of your visitors; spend time in understanding that along with your SEO team.

8) Check the Google Analytics reports monthly.

9) Achieving rankings is not end of the process; remember you have your online competitors working with another SEO team like what you do.

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