Friday, 21 July 2017

The realistic approach to your Digital Marketing Campaign.

The buzz that Digital Marketing has created is relentless. It keeps on growing day by day. But somewhere in the jargons and the hype we have lost the essence of Digital Marketing. It has turned into a business more centered on buildup than reality. More likes than revenue, more fake followers than actual ones, more views than clicks and more traffic than actual customers.

I think it’s an ideal opportunity to take a back seat and focus on our objectives rather than the hype created. There are several simplistic ways and tweaks that can give you higher ROI.

Most of the people reading this would concur with me who have been guaranteed the sky, but realistically couldn’t accomplish even the basic revenue targets.

If you are frustrated with your digital marketing campaigns then you need to ask these few questions-
  • Are we targeting the right audience and channels?
  • Are our ads more hyped than the actual product or services?
  • Do we have a right tracking mechanism implemented to track our goals?
  •  Are all the campaigns, giving us the expected results?
  •  Do we actually provide the services the way it’s hyped on the website?

Keep your digital marketing approach SMART…Specific…Measurable…Attainable…Relevant…Timely & most important one be Genuine.

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