Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cheap SEO Services can be expensive. Do not put your brand at risk!

Negative feedbacks about few Cheap SEO services prompted me to write this article to make people aware of the current market situation. Today the internet market is flooded with Cheap SEO services. If you have cheap products or cheap services then obviously you can go for one of these low cost services. But if you are really trying to make your mark on the internet platform then you need to shell our few more bucks instead of using cheap services. Well not all the companies branding themselves with cheap seo services are fraudulent, some of them might be just targeting the keyword to get potential traffic to their website.

But I have seen recent trends where people have been going for cheap seo services without trying to find the facts about these companies and their credentials. The only thing hovers over their mind is the low cost but they fail to foresee the problems that they will be facing ahead. I have retained clients who have actually gone for the lucrative cheap advertisements with good sales pitch and now have found themselves nowhere to go.


1) The companies which offer really cheap services will not be able to sustain for too long.

2) To sustain they should have multiple projects distributed among its employees, who in return are not able to justify their services for individual clients.

3) Low cost means cheap labor and talent doesnt come cheap.

Remember: Nothing comes cheap and everything has a price…

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  1. You are right. As "Cheap" word I also don't like it. It lowers our creadibility... :)