Friday, 19 June 2009

Tips for Businesses who are looking to hire SEOs

1) SEO is a long term process; you cannot get results instantly. It’s not an instant coffee maker. Beware of those SEOs who guarantee results in short period of time.

2) Choose professional SEOs and not part time designers & developers who know little bit of SEO. Remember your online business is at stake.

3) Be clear with your Goals, Remember you are the one who understands your Business in and out. Make SEOs understand of what you exactly want.

4) Work with them, combination of your business knowledge and their technical skills will deliver good results.

5) Discuss about the probable keywords & your targeted audience which will give them clear picture about what they need to do.

6) Be Patient, there will be improvements but with steady pace.

7) Keep track of your visitors; spend time in understanding that along with your SEO team.

8) Check the Google Analytics reports monthly.

9) Achieving rankings is not end of the process; remember you have your online competitors working with another SEO team like what you do.

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