Friday, 6 November 2009

Iframe Virus Attack: Menance for Businesses

Recently there have been lots of cases of malicious script injection in the websites html code. This has been a menace for lot of businesses as this type of attack can result in loss of business since the browsers like Chrome & Firefox block the websites and show warnings which drive the visitors away. The virus has been improving its techniques as the days go by.

To avoid being flagged by Google for malicious script please keep checking your website for iframes. There have been recent developments where the virus has started adding just java scripts without using the iframes in order to avoid detection. In some cases the whole structure of a web page has been damaged by these scripts.

How to check whether your website has been injected by the script?

1) Visit the website.
2) Click on the View Tab on the Main menu and select Source.
3) The whole source code for your webpage is displayed.
4) Search for “iframe”. The iframe code is usually at the start of the body tag or before the end of the body tag .
5) The script will be somewhat like this
div style="display:none" iframe src="" width=732 height=186

Change the FTP password for your website frequently.
If attacks are frequent on the index page, rename your default page.
Change the permissions for the files on the server.

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